Rental Crisis

As Mayor, Rod Clark will take action to fix the rental crisis!

On council, nobody has done as much as Rod Clark to get more affordable rental housing built.

Our City is in a rental housing crisis. We simply must build more rental accommodation.
Here’s what Rod Clark has already done on City Council:
Rod has fought for affordable rental housing for many years: he presented a motion in October 2017 which led to Council unanimously adopting a new rental housing bylaw. The new bylaw provides that 10 per cent of all units in new rental buildings be rented at 10 per cent below CMHC market average rents - in perpetuity. Over time, this will provide the City of North Vancouver with a pool of below-market housing for low-income seniors, single parents, and others in need. It will aid us in continuing as a complete and inclusive community.
Here’s what Rod Clark will do as Mayor to create more affordable housing:
Rod will lead council to extend the affordable rental housing policy to new strata projects. 10 per cent of units in new strata projects should be rental units, available in perpetuity at 10 per cent below CMHC market rental rates.
The provincial government is proposing changes to the Local Government Act to allow cities like North Vancouver to rezone property exclusively for affordable rental housing. Currently the cities do not have the ability to create rental housing zoning. If the city gains this zoning power, Rod Clark will encourage and promote applications for affordable rental housing projects - zoned exclusively for rental.
Rod has always stood up for renters in the City of North Vancouver. We need to stand up for Rod in this election and make him our Mayor.

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