Fixing traffic!

Darrell Mussatto sat silently as the Mayors Council approved $2.8 billion for 6 more SkyTrain stations along Broadway in Vancouver.

Rod Clark will stand up for rapid transit and modernized bridge crossings for the North Shore.

The Lion’s Gate bridge opened 80 years ago. The Ironworkers Memorial bridge opened 58 years ago.

Since then, the federal, provincial governments and Metro Vancouver governments have spent billions on bridges, roads and transit across the region - everywhere but the North Shore.

But Darrell Mussatto and the other North Shore mayors have sat timidly on the Mayors’ Council as they adopted TransLink’s new 10 year transportation plan with no bridge modernizations for the North Shore, no rapid transit stations for the North Shore, and no new lanes for the Upper Levels highway.

When Rod Clark is Mayor of the City of North Vancouver, not a day will go by without Metro Vancouver Mayors, British Columbia’s Premier, and Canada’s Prime Minister getting the message loud and clear: our bridges must be modernized, and the North Shore must be connected to Metro Vancouver’s rapid transit network by more than just our Sea Bus terminal.

Vancouver already has 17 SkyTrain stations and the Mayors Council is committed to building 6 more along Broadway. Burnaby has 12 SkyTrain stations. Richmond has 7 Canada Line stations with a population very similar to ours on the North Shore. Surrey, Coquitlam and New Westminster each have 4. Even Port Moody has 2 SkyTrain stations.

Since the Iron Workers bridge opened in 1960, we’ve seen the construction of the Arthur Laing Bridge, the Pitt River Bridge, the Golden Ears Bridge, the Alex Fraser Bridge, the Port Mann Bridge, the Knight Street Bridge, the Cambie Street Bridge, the 2 Road Bridge, the Sea Island Bridge, and dedicated Canada Line and SkyTrain transit bridges in Richmond and New Westminster. The province has committed over $1 billion to replace the Pattullo Bridge in New Westminster, and the previous provincial government committed $3.5 billion to replace the George Massey Tunnel.

The provincial government even spent $600 million to provide skiers with a speedy Sea to Sky Highway drive to Whistler.

As Mayor, Rod Clark will not accept $2.8 billion for Vancouver’s Broadway subway extension and the province’s $1.4 billion Pattullo Bridge replacement while North Vancouver drivers sit in gridlock - waiting their turn to access our two ancient bridges.

The North Shore’s four MLAs and three MPs should not be voting for federal and provincial budgets with no money for North Shore transportation.

As Mayor of the City of North Vancouver, Rod Clark will stand up for the North Shore’s transportation needs, with our MLA’s, our MPs, transportation ministers, the Mayors Council, the Premier and the Prime Minister: he hold their feet to the fire.

Common Sense Solutions for our Local Road and Transit Network:
We need our TransLink Bus Depot reinstated in North Vancouver. Since the 3rd Street depot was closed, bus drivers, most of whom live on the North Shore, are forced to cross the Inlet to pick up buses, cross the Inlet again to return the buses at the end of their shift, pick up their own vehicles, and return to the North Shore. Drivers working a split shift must do this twice a day. Beyond the inconvenience to the drivers, more cars and buses are needlessly sitting on the Ironworkers bridge deck at peak hours. This kind of crazy could only be created at the head office of TransLink.
Translink bureaucrats are making inquiries about the development potential for the closed 3rd Street Depot property. Not so fast!
TransLink should not be selling our North Shore bus depot to pay for new SkyTrain stations on Broadway in Vancouver.
As Mayor, Rod Clark will empower our professional transportation engineers at city hall with the tools they need to get traffic moving within the city. Delivery drivers who block our key roads at peak hours need to be promptly ticketed and towed. Repeat offenders need to be barred from doing business in our city.
Rod Clark will stand up for North Shore residents and work with Port Metro Vancouver to deal constructively with heavy truck traffic on the Ironworkers Bridge during peak commuting hours.

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