Pam Bookham
Four-term City Councillor

Why am I supporting Rod Clark for Mayor? The answer is simple. He is the most qualified candidate.

2018 will be a pivotal election, not just in the City, but throughout Metro Vancouver. For over a decade we have witnessed a frenzied pace of development, causing traffic gridlock and the loss of our most affordable housing . This is not sustainable. Fortunately the tide is turning. Many of the mayors and councillors whose votes brought us to this tipping point are not seeking re-election. In the City, we will elect a new mayor and at least four new councillors.

We need Rod Clark to lead us through this transition.

Having served seven terms on Council, Rod has a wealth of experience and a broad understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the City. His record speaks volumes.

He has been a passionate advocate for sustainable growth, with appropriate density and new housing that meets the needs of our community.

He knows that a growing city needs an integrated traffic management plan that prioritizes efficient movement of people and goods and provides adequate parking.

He has demonstrated his ability to negotiate effectively with developers to secure affordable rental housing in perpetuity and important civic amenities such as a new Harry Jerome Community and Recreation Centre.

He has long advocated that City land be leased not sold to developers to ensure a financially sustainable future.

Rod will be a strong voice on Metro Vancouver Council, ensuring that the North Shore gets its fair share.

Finally, I believe, as mayor Rod Clark will bring our Council and our Community together.

In 2018, I urge you to vote for Rod Clark for Mayor.

Pam Bookham
Four-term City Councillor

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