Condo craze!

Linda Buchanan and Darrell Mussatto can’t say “No” to developers.

The current council has approved 3,620 new housing units, just in the last four years.

And so many of these units are tiny condos in big towers along Lonsdale - so many of them without adequate parking.

It’s time to put the brakes on the crazy pace of condo construction in the City of North Vancouver.

Here’s what Rod Clark has already done to stand up against the condo craze:
Rod voted against the Crest Adera project on the old Telus property at 150 E 8th
Rod voted against the Concert Properties proposal to rezone the Harbourside site from light industrial to condos
Rod voted against the Qualex-Landmark condo project on Queensbury Avenue
Rod voted against the Hollyburn Properties tower project at 13th and Lonsdale
Rod voted against the Driftwood cohousing project on Chesterfield Avenue
Rod voted against adding 3,000 units of stacked townhouses to the Official Community Plan for Moodyville
Rod voted against the 2015 Official Community plan amendment that paved the way for thousands more condo units along Lonsdale
Here’s what Rod Clark will do as Mayor, to put the brakes on the crazy pace of condo construction:
Rod will put the priority on affordable rental housing projects, because that’s what our community needs
Rod will put the priority on family-oriented housing, and housing for seniors
Rod will send the message to Metro Vancouver, to Victoria, and to Ottawa that new housing depends on new roads, bridges, and transit for people who live on the North Shore

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