Build Harry Jerome!

The new Harry Jerome Community Centre project is a good deal for the City of North Vancouver.

The city gets one of the finest community centres in Canada - $210 million - will be funded by the proceeds of leasing the existing Harry Jerome site - city land - to the developer for 99 years. This is $210 million that will be funded by the developer - not city ratepayers through taxes.
Here’s what Rod Clark has already done to get the Harry Jerome Community Centre project built:
Rod moved the motion to advance the project to design drawings, which passed by a vote of 4-3, with Linda Buchanan, Darrell Mussatto, and Craig Keating voting in opposition.
Here’s what Rod Clark will do as Mayor, to build Harry Jerome:
Rod will lead a new council majority to vote to approve all remaining steps in the construction process: the request for the proposals, the construction contract award, and the necessary development and permitting applications, as recommended by the city’s professional staff.

The existing Harry Jerome Centre has served our city well for 50 years, but it is well past due for replacement: in the event of an earthquake, it could present a serious threat to the health and safety of our residents.

Our population has doubled since the Harry Jerome Centre opened in 1967. Rod Clark will not kick our community’s needs down the road for another generation. No project is perfect - but the time for nitpicking and second-guessing is over.

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